Stoke Pianos employs some of the world's best piano technicians to help you elevate your music to the next level.

"The sound and tone of the piano sounds absolutely lovely now after you tuned it and did your usual enhancements to the instrument. As you know this is very important for my daughter as she is playing Grade 8 and above pieces."

Nigel Humphreys, Walkden, UK



At Stoke Pianos we aim to meet the style, budget and technical demands for all levels of pianist, from the beginner with our used, or preloved pianos range, through to new pianos for the concert standard professional.



With over 30 years of piano removal experience, Stoke Pianos can offer you a truly dedicated expert piano removal service. We offer fully insured specialist upright and grand piano removals anywhere in the UK.

Piano Tuning

Here at Stoke Pianos, we employ highly trained piano tuner technicians who are passionate about their craft and always produce the best possible work to keep your piano playing at it’s optimum performance level.



Stoke Pianos offers concert standard grand and upright pianos hire for use at weddings, concerts, festivals and any other special celebrations. Organising a not for profit concert? Talk to Stoke Pianos about sponsoring the event.


Being part of the UK's only full service piano workshop and showroom, Stoke Pianos are in the best position to restore pianos. We employ skilled craftsmen who have the ability to complete all work in house.



We can also supply quality accessories to make sure you have everything you need to begin your new musical adventure! Piano stools, metronomes or lights, view our selection here.